Commercial Kitchen Caster 5" wheel for 1 1/2" Leg

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5250-26-PPPG (2) & 5250-26-PPPG-TLB (2)
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Product Overview

- Set of 4
- Capacity: 300lbs each (1,200lbs total capacity)
- Wheel Dia.: 5"
- Wheel Width: 1.25" 
- Wheel Material: Polyurethane Tread on Polyolefin Core
- Stem Size: Made for 1 1/2" Inner Diameter Tube as commonly found on Kitchen Equipment                                                  - Overall Height: 6 3/16" (load height not including stem)

Perfect for Commercial Kitchen, Prep Table, Work Table, 

NSF Approved! Zinc Plating creates corrosion resistance (cost effective alternative to Stainless)

**Products Assembled and QC'd in USA** 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review